Touring the west side of the Delta

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Touring the west side of the Delta

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Touring the west side of the Delta
Ha Tien on the Gulf of Thailand is famous for its stunning sceneries at places such as Mui Nai Beach, Thon Van Stone Cave and Chong Islet and for its many historical and cultural relics.
Departing from the center of Ha Tien Township, the first stop should be the royal tombs and temples of the Mac Cuu family among the trees, birds and insects at Binh San Mountain. Phu Dung Pagoda is worth a look for its architecture and design.
Thon Van Stone Cave is just three kilometers from the center of Ha Tien. Seen from a distance, the cave, which is 50 meters high, looks like a hat of a general. Inside the cave is a Buddhist pagoda and Ba Chua Xu Temple. There are also the typical stalactites and many dark and mysterious small grottos that tourists should not enter.
Den Mountain and Mui Nai Beach promise comfort and relaxation. After a dip in the sea and playing with the waves, there is a roller coaster on a track smooth enough for little kids to enjoy. From right near the beach and for VND 40,000 the gentle train achieves a little altitude on the side of Ta Ban Mountain. The winding track passing through the forest of the mountain is a good safe adventure.
On the peak of the mountain is the Vong Hai Dai Watchtower where tourists can admire the panoramic view of the region and make out Phu Quoc and many other islands.Vietnam tour with your own new, personalized itineraries.
What else do you wonder?travel vietnam is hiddenly full of interesting and surprising things waiting for your discovering.


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