U.S. Route 2 in Michigan

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U.S. Route 2 in Michigan

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US Highway 2 (US 2) is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs from Everett, Washington, to the Upper Peninsula (UP) of the US state of Michigan. The highway runs through the UP in two segments as a part of the state trunkline highway system, entering the state at Ironwood and ending at St. Ignace. In between, there is a gap where US 2 re-enters the state of Wisconsin. As one of the major transportation arteries in the UP, US 2 is listed as a part of the National Highway System and a major conduit for Michigan and Canadian traffic through the state. Two sections of the roadway are listed as part of the Great Lakes Circle Tours as well as other state-designated heritage routes. As a rural highway in the UP, US 2 passes through two national and two state forests.
Before European settlers came to the Upper Peninsula, the route of what would become US 2 was used as part of two Indian trails. Later the Michigan State Highway Department (MSHD) included these trails as part of M-12 when the first state highway trunklines were designated by July 1, 1919. Most of M-12 would be reused for US 2 when the US Highway System was created on November 11, 1926. Since the 1930s, several changes have reshaped the highway's routing through the UP. One change eventually spawned a business loop that connected across the state line with Hurley, Wisconsin. Other changes pushed an originally inland routing closer to the Lake Michigan shoreline. With the creation of the Interstate Highway System, part of US 2 was reused and rerouted for use by Interstate 75 (I-75), just as M-12 was reused and rerouted to form US 2. In the 1980s, the highway was truncated, removed from the I-75 freeway resulting in today's basic form.

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